Ink: The Creative that Stains


Creative that Stains

You know how things in the rearview mirror appear closer than they seem? We're much more talented and impressive on a bigger screen than your phone.

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Creativity is not afraid of contact with commercial endeavors

Some of the most beautiful works of art in the world were produced solely to pay the rent.

Necessity is a powerful force in the world. Desperation is one mother of a muse. Hunger is a great motivator. Together, they have the power to focus the mind with frightening efficiency and can clear a room of weak ideas faster than spilled skunk oil.

As long as ideas are extraordinary and powerful who cares why or where they were born?

Fortunately, it’s easy to tell weak ideas from powerful ones, even when you’re standing toe-to-toe with a deadline.

Weak ideas make you feel safe, comfortable, and sleepy.

Powerful ideas make your palms sweat.

And nothing good happens without a little honest sweat.

 From the Manifesto 

What We Do


Labeling and package design is an exercise in fly fishing. We read your river and which delicious bugs are dropping out of the trees, then a graceful cast floats an olive wooly bugger into the riffles past your target. The rest involves a strike, gently bringing them in, then easing them back in the stream for another… nevermind. Our goal is to hook your customers by the eyeballs and reel them in.

Ads & Promotion

Not much more needs to be said.
However, if more were said, we would stress the balance between pithy copywriting, great art direction and establishing continuity and clarity around the company and brand. And then we might chat for awhile about frequency, demographics and staking distinguishing positions in an otherwise crowded market space. But you knew that.


We love a business card that feels both precious and thick enough to double as a ninja star — or could scrape your windshield on a frosty morning. Our collateral spans digital to 6-color offset to printing on an 80 year-old letterpress with ancient, metallic sparkle dust (yeah, it's real and very cool). Honestly, when did someone last comment on the embossing and tactile nature of pixels in your email signature?


Books, magazines, catalogs and an entire university system of coursework, programs and viewbooks. We have years of ink under our nails, and like any creative worth their salt, the first thing we do with a new publication is to crack open the pages and take a deep sniff.

Might explain some behavior, that.


Our most successful brochures are clear, visually compelling and tied into larger communications efforts (ideally digitally integrated). They always start with scribbles and hasty-looking mockups to organize flow and ideas into something logical and leading to a call-to-action and organic conclusion. Only after the initial homework do we get to break out the crayons and have some fun.


Effective tangible presentations are equal parts ceremony, multi-directional narrative (no, not like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch). We like client-paced, non-linear, digressive exploration — where an audience feels the content was curated just for them. Systems we’re especially proud of cover lots of information but feel much like a quiet story unfolding, and customizable for multiple audiences.
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