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Branding Matters

You know how things in the rearview mirror appear closer than they seem? We're much more talented and impressive on a bigger screen than your phone.

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Ideas are dangerous things, neither pretty nor well-behaved.

Don’t go looking for one unless you are prepared to wrestle with everything strange, powerful, and life-altering.

And then, just as you work up the courage to go seeking some great ideas, you discover that you can’t find any.

who Uzied my muse?

Or worse, one of them comes after you like a demented stalker, grabs you by the hair and whirls you around the room until

did I say that?

There is nothing more wonderful than the face of someone who is in the grip of an outrageous idea trying to be born:

terror inexplicably mixed with bliss.

 From the Manifesto 

What We Do


We love an attractive mark but the process starts with logic, business questions, discussions of demographics and market space before a single line is drawn. Logos, their colors and usage have to be relevant to an end audience and the longterm growth plans for any business. We're deadly serious about our process for developing a mark, including scrapbooking and side-eye tests... go ahead, ask.


What’s in a name? Searchability, good SEO, product differentiation, immediate recognition from clientele and suppliers, graphic symmetry (it has to look good too, right?) and stickiness. We’ve all been there; trying to remember that great business with a bad name. Our partners at Cain Creative make this look much easier than it is and supply the foundation for great brands.


You have that groovy new logo and someone's nephew wants to do something special with it. Consider your styleguide a DMV manual everyone has to read and test against before they get to drive… sure, you can break the laws but at least you know why that guy with the mirrored sunglasses and mustache is issuing a ticket.


The dark arts of branding help to clarify your messaging and flexibility of products and services in the marketplace. Decades of creative direction — particularly with services and consumers — create distinction and leadership. Also important to note, we play nicely and integrate well in-house marketing teams.
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